The story of Teemu

Hello! My name is Teemu Virtanen, and I am a 27-year-old student of Biomedical physics, with other studies behind me in physics, technology, and industrial engineering and management. I come from Seinäjoki, where I was born and where I lived until the end of high school. After being in the army, I studied electrical engineering at Tampere for a year and a half, and from there I moved to Oulu to study physics. 

In Oulu, I was taken away by organization activities, and from being a tutor I ended up becoming the chair of my subject organization, then the vice chair of the board of the Student Union, and most recently a board member of SYL. By the side of organization activities, I had time to study physics, industrial engineering and management, and a little bit of pedagogy as well. In addition to this, I worked two summers as a research assistant in the unit of clinical neurophysiology at the Oulu University Hospital.

Ever since I was a kid I was always chatty and curious, even sceptical most of the time. I have always found it important that everyone should have an opportunity to succeed and gain as much from life as possible. Justice and fairness are important values to me, and my leadership philosophy is largely based on those values. I strive for a team where each individual has the opportunity to succeed in the things that drive them forward. My special strength as a leader is social discretion even in changing situations. As a good leader I know how my team members can handle and deal with pressure, and when might be the time to hold back the pace a little. When I am surrounded by motivated and passionate people, I also pay attention to making sure that no one’s well-being suffers from doing the work we do.

As a leader I will make sure that the steady sector structure of SYL will generate expert board members, avoiding unnecessary disunity. When doing influential work at SYL, the board members must be able to commit to shared goals. I will create a community where people can also approach the goals outside their own sector with passion, and where the shared goals of the student movement are being furthered together.

As the chair of SYL, I wish to genuinely address the entire field of students. It is clear that the influence and strength of the student movement is built from local players. Those active students, who work by the passion they have towards the benefits of their community and their university. Trust, openness and cooperation are the keys for the student movement to continue being an even more united influencer in the future when the voices of students and the younger generation are being used.


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